Estate Planning

Estate Planning Packages

Whether you're just starting to explore how you want to be remembered, you've already thought about the legacy you want to leave your family and community, or you want to modify your existing plans, we will help guide you as you make your decisions. Our attorneys will draft and execute wills, powers of attorneys, and establish guardianships and trusts for minor children or those with special needs to reflect your wishes. We will help you leave a thoughtful legacy of love.


Wills are documents that direct how your estate is to be distributed upon your passing.

Powers of Attorney

Durable (financial) powers of attorney can be helpful you help managing your financial affairs and paying your bills. They can go into effect either immediately or spring into effect upon the happening of a particular event. Healthcare powers of attorney are necessary when people cannot make healthcare decisions on their own.


If you leave behind children under the age of 18, the Court will give the assets your young children inherit to the children’s guardians. Unfortunately, the Court cannot impose guidelines or protections to guide how those funds are used. Our attorneys will help you set up trusts for minor children or those with special needs.


Judicial officers will have to designate guardians for minor children you may leave behind. These judges don't want to make decisions like this without your input. Our attorneys will help you designate guardians to help judicial officers ensure your children are left in the care of someone you are confident will carry out your wishes.