Remote Legal Services reports "Major Law Firms Rush To Enact Remote Working As Coronavirus Fears Mount." Both to protect employees and clients, law firms are shifting to remote transactions, consultations, and services.

Many of the services provided by the Bedford Law Office, P.S. can easily be accomplished remotely.

Most estate planning services can be done remotely. The initial consultation can be conducted over the phone. Drafting and review can be accomplished via email. While clients will need to come to the office to get the documents witnessed notarized, it's a short 10-minute process and you are on your way again!

Contract consultations and review can be conducted remotely completely via email and phone.

Business start-ups and formalities can be started and finished entirely online. In fact, shifting a business from a sole proprietorship to an LLC or corporation may be particularly important right now given the current state of the economy because corporations will limit the effects of a business failure on personal assets and credit.

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